Pilot the Nadida through The Gauntlet and deliver the Seers to the voice that calls from the depths.

**If playing in browser, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. There is a known issue with Safari.**

(Tip: Holding the brake while not accelerating helps you turn faster!)

W: accelerate
A/D: turn
LeftShift: boost
Space: brake
X: toggle headlights
R: continue/retry
Esc: return to main menu

OST: https://diablis.bandcamp.com/album/ooooglep-ost





Ooooglep PC Version 76 MB
Ooooglep Mac Version 76 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the contents of the .zip and launch Ooooglep.exe.

Mac: Extract the application and launch it.


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Here's the time to beat, if anyone's up for a challenge :)